Self Titled


Heavy new wave intro into this too quick four song CD EP from Koufax, but the wave doesn’t exactly crash… it keeps curling over and under the bright twist of the guitars. From the ashes of the Leftovers, Rob Suchan ties together tight pop rock shining star sensibilities with the time machine feel of the keyboards. I keep slipping back towards that decade when I was getting really upset with my sister for listening to Duran Duran. I really can’t decide if the crossover here is a bit too much. I can handle the whole reinvent the 80’s thing going on, but in this case it seems like it really doesn’t need to be in here. I understand these guys are going to be touring with the Get Up Kids next year, and that should be a really good show, but if Koufax takes the hint from those Get Up Kids, they’ll see that they can throw keyboards around without sounding like some Spandau Ballet b-side, and if they learn that… it’ll be an amazing show. The songs are well written, the rhythms crack, the guitars can crush. Just careful with how you swing those keys.

Doghouse Records, P.O. Box 8946, Toledo, OH 43623; http://www.doghouserecords.com

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