Lights in a Fat City

Lights in a Fat City

Memory Ground

City of Tribes

After I listen to this CD, I don’t remember much. I don’t hear snippets of sound running through my head. I don’t remember specific patterns and motifs. All I’m left with is the residue of this wonderful current that flows through me when I listen to this. I like that. I like not having to deal with the emotional baggage associated with some music.

Lights in a Fat City make dream music. Their craft is of cavernous space filled with flutes, digeridoos, and floating textures. The music is a liquidous haze which lifts you from the ground, and carries you until the end of the disc, when it sets you back down and leaves without a trace.

This is what so many “New Age” artists attempt to do: connect the listener with the earth. This is a much more accurate rendition of the tribal spirits than I have heard by other artists. Indeed, this is more like Organum than Steve Roach.

Memory Ground is a beautiful record that eludes my descriptive capabilities. Highly recommended.

City of Tribes, 3025 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110;

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