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This is the opposite of a lazy waffle breakfast in the mountains with tired friends. This is uncomfortable. Can I please pay to be kidnapped by a young, bespeckled geek who grabs his stomach and throat as he screeches pieces of his esophagus at my feet? The pine needles are cool and pleasantly prickly. Why did someone do this? I want to know why someone wrote songs this way and why several other people responded with furrowed brows and a jolly “yeah, that makes sense.” Because this is not all right. How can you go in front of a group of people and say “in theory, this will be unlistenable,” and then create something so pleasing. Well, you can’t. But you could record possibly the most bizarre piano solo ever recorded on any kind of rock related-recording. And you could confuse the very attentive. You’re right, screaming the word “Go” over and over again works well as the basic structure of a song. Actually, it really does. That’s so great that it does.

Secretly Canadian Records, 1703 N. Maple St., Bloomington, IN 47404;

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