Papa M

Papa M

Live From a Shark Cage

Drag City

How much longer are we going to allow a minority of musicians from Chicago and Louisville determine the way music sounds? Drum machines will some day blanket suburban dump heaps. Every other oppressed, socially weird, depressed little monkey with a bedroom and a handful of oblong sonic patterns will release a box set of their treatise on repetition and mood. Only those with a bit of history will be remembered for more than a few days. M. Aerial M. Papa M. You know what incarnations and avenues pre M used to warp what you once called yours. Papa M is a little bit embarrassed and would rather refer to pre M as “tha Ass” or “Throat Bruisers.” Do you blame him? Where is the chorus? A chorus would be dangerous. A chorus might gather people in song. Drone is suck. Drone is good. Drone will propel you away from drone.

Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647

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