Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas

So, You Think It’s Hot Here?


When I heard Paris, Texas’ 4 song Polyvinyl CD single, I was impressed. The boys of Paris, Texas have 10 tracks this time out to show their stuff, and I am REALLY impressed. They take the best elements of emo, indie-rock, pop/punk and more to turn out what is one of the best records to come along in a long time. They take the emotion from emo, but they leave out any whiny sissy rock bullshit that some emo bands have. The take the inventiveness of indie-rock, but without the alienating parts or simply getting repetitive and boring. Scott Sherpes’ vocals are reminiscent of Ian from the Make-Up and Guy from Fugazi, but I’m not the first to point that out. Catchy, punchy, jangly, rockin’ music that defies simple pigeonholing genres and is instead simply a really great record that’s an instant classic.

Polyvinyl Record Co., P.O. Box 1885, Danville, IL 61834-1885;

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