Recess Theory

Recess Theory

They Would Walk into the Picture

Take Hold

Indie-emo? Is there such a term? If so, the Recess Theory are definitely it. Too indie-rock to be emo, but too emo to be called indie-rock. With their 8 song debut EP, they do an outstanding job of getting your attention. Recess Theory use driving rhythms, without being overbearing but instead more subtle and delicate. Intricate and jangly guitar play that is minimalistic compared to the average self-indulgent guitar solo rock band. The Recess Theory manage to be a great rock band, without being a “rock band.” None of the standard bullshit methods, but instead they use their own methods to get the same (only better) results. If you like indie-rock, emo, or even pop, then do yourself a favor and get this.

Take Hold, 225 Oxmoor Circle, Birmingham, AL 35209

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