Ron English and Friends

Ron English and Friends

Revelations Book II


Jesus comes back as a woman and other heresy. Ron’s friends include Phoebe Legere, Daniel Johnston, Mojo Nixon, Sexpod, and the Reverend Vince Anderson. There’s nineteen songs on this magnum opus that’s based on the KJV Bible and the Alexandrian versions, some of which comprise what are known as the Gnostic Gospels. Well, I’m sure the heretics who publish the NIV are chuckling to themselves, as is Elaine Pagels, but I don’t know what they’d make of this disturbed reworking of Jesus Christ Superstar as interpreted by raving madman Ron English. I’d probably win a bet the Bishop Spong was consulted prior to release… The song titles, which are of “biblical” proportion, do the explaining for themselves: “Seed of God,” “Holy Terror,” “I Am the All,” “I Am the She,” “Pop God,” “Iscariot the Patriot,” “There’s a Sucker Born Again Every Minute,” and “Man of Light.” It’s art, that’s for sure. What else it is — you figure it out.

Which? Records, P.O. Box 659, Village Station, New York, NY 10014;

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