Xpander EP


The guidepost reads Sasha and points to a much higher elevation. This electro-ascension has been happening rapidly in recent years and now finds its apex in the Xpander EP. Creating a confluence of sound and shape, Sasha puts forth five pieces of crafted atmosphere as if his turntables were from heaven. “Xpander,” “Belfunk,” “Rabbitweed,” and “Baja” flow with an iridescent promise for the next millennium. Building with a low rumble and climaxing with exhaustible ecstasy, all the while maintaining a celestial path seems to be the fingerprint unique to Sasha. Forced out and ordered to reside in low rent discos and second rate compilations are the overbearing and obnoxious sounds that seem prevalent today. Thinking about hanging the DJ? Loosin’ the noose!

Ultra Records, 588 Broadway, Suite 1003, New York, NY 10012

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