Seconds Separate the Days

Seconds Separate the Days

Seconds Separate the Days

Unfortunately this band is, or will be soon, broken up. They play(ed) a style that isn’t just another carbon copy of a particular style, which doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should. The guitars are kinda jangly and driving, but they also have a groove to them. The thing that stuck out most when I first listened to this is the vocals and the way they were recorded. They’ve got a lead singer, but two other guys that sing back-ups and overlapping vocals as well. Almost like Forever and Counting -era Hot Water Music, but less abrasive and a little looser. It’s recorded on 4- or 8-track (I’m guessing) which gives it the perfect setting. Not too polished, and not under-produced, either (meaning it doesn’t sound like they recorded it on their little brother’s My First Sony radio). Some indie rock, some emo, some other stuff….but all good stuff. It reminds me of early 90’s stuff like One or Statue (but not as heavy in the guitar parts). 10 songs that you can only get (I think) from them at the address below. They show a lot of promise, but like the bands who I mentioned earlier, they couldn’t stick around very long. But at least they left this for us.

Seconds Separate the Days, 1315 Coolidge Ave, Little Shute, WI 54140;

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