Tethers’ End

Tethers’ End

Art Versus Commerce

Last Resort

This 13-song CD is the follow up to 1997’s The Golden Age of Promiscuity by quintet Tether’s End. Like its predecessor, the album was recorded in Jim DeVito’s St. Augustine studio and produced by him. The album opens with “Callout Research Hook,” a cynical and worldweary swipe at the music industry, specifically including terms like Soundscan and CMJ that let you know the band has paid it’s dues but is still willing to keep on playing their “nothing songs.”

As well they should. Again, this is a solid effort of well-written songs, with the band willing to take some chances, as shown by the little cocktail organ touch on “Sad America Song” and the alien spaceguitar squeals on ostensible closer (a semi-uncredited live version of “Armchair Rebellion” from the first album is the actual last song) “Future Cowboys.” These are mostly emotion/relationship songs, but not in a sappy way. Good stuff, my only quibble is a few more uptempo songs to keep the pace from dragging.

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