The Casket Lottery

The Casket Lottery

Choose Bronze

Second Nature

On their first song, the Casket Lottery remind me of a rocked out Chamberlain, but not polished or MTV ready. Through the majority of the album, they have a little of a SDRE sound, but a lot more changes in the composition that aren’t as simple as SDRE. For the most part, the Casket Lottery bring their own sound out through their influences and aren’t even close to being as repetitive or unoriginal as the countless SDRE sound alike bands. Overall, the band plays catchy music that has a lot changes and thought put into the structures of the songs, but without relying on anyone else’s sound. Choose Bronze is a solid record without filler, and holds your attention throughout the 42 minutes. How many records in this genre can you say that about? Now you know of at least one. So choose Choose Bronze , if you’re into this sort of thing.

Second Nature, P.O. Box 11543, Kansas City, MO 64138

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