The Dingees

The Dingees

Sundown to Midnight


It’s perfectly acceptable to have influences as a band, for it’s not every musical outfit that can claim to sport their own completely unique sound. Yet when someone like the Dingees come along and put out what sounds like a tribute album, the line has been officially crossed. Established punk rockers Rancid have nothing to do with Sundown to Midnight , but it’d be a hard thing not to believe by listening to it. Almost following Rancid’s history, Sundown to Midnight has mimicked everything from the x-Operation Ivy’s self-titled to their newer, more poppy style. There’s even an occasional ska riff in there, adding the …And Out Come The Wolves feel while throwing some unfortunate Less Than Jake in the mix as well.

Needless to say, however, “Pegleg” — vocalist of the Dingees — is a far cry from Tim Armstrong, despite his obvious trying efforts. In fact, the band completely flops in their attempts at greatness through imitation, flaunting ridiculous politically angry lyrics that, even taken with an industrial-sized grain of salt, fall short of any ability of being taken seriously. This sad effort from the Dingees really does beg one final question, though: when it’s Sundown to Midnight , do Out Come the Wolves ?

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