The Eyesores

The Eyesores

May You Dine on Weeds Made Bitter by the Piss of Drunkards

Magic Eye Singles

Wild, accordion-driven rock and roll by some of Providence, Rhode Island’s finest. A sort of weird amalgamation of rambling thoughts and stories that somehow make perfect sense once it’s all thrown into this strange little stewpot and cooked down to a broth. I found it slightly annoying upon the first listen, but grew to appreciate its charms after giving it a fair chance. The offbeat views and sights we sometimes turn our eyes away from or don’t have time to think about too awfully much are put together with fairly traditional instrumentation resulting in a sort of Tom Waits-meets-the-Kinks-type cross pollination. Odd, but rather good.

Magic Eye Singles, P.O. Box 603033, Providence, RI 02906

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