The Frames

The Frames

Dance the Devil


The Frames carry with them that slightly monotonous quality that so many softer “modern rock” outfits have. The melancholy lingering of the song’s calm and reflective advancement, vocals heavily sighing more than singing, and an obviously simple songwriting formula make the Frames just that kind of band that begs for an obnoxious amount of airplay. Still, however, there are enough pleasant and shining moments to make these Irish musicians worth a second listen.

Most notably is the indie-rock “star star **,” whose pelting vocals and crunchy-poppy guitars provide a breath of vibrancy to Dance the Devil , despite its slightly creepy ending. “The Stars are Underground” takes a slightly odder angle, adding to the catchy rock song a small chorus of high-pitched vocals repeating what almost sounds like “Oh, Yoko.”

Lyrically inspired by some troubled times, the poetic nature of the songs comes out almost better in the liner notes than the songs. Yet still, the talent is there. The Frames are nothing revolutionary, but they’re certainly nothing to vehemently shun either.

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