The Jazz June

The Jazz June

Breakdance Suburbia


Until now, I’d never heard the Jazz June. Sure, I’ve heard a lot about them, but because of the amount of hype from people, and the amount of people in general, I just figured they’d be another Promise Ring clone or just plain unoriginal, but I was very wrong. The Jazz June are actually a band that live up to and even surpass their hype. Breakdance Suburbia collects various songs from 7-inches, comp tracks, and more, by combining the out of print The Necessary Conditions of Current and Signal EP, an extra track recorded during the sessions for their upcoming split on Florida’s very own Fiddler Records, a comp track from a Thick As Thieves comp, and a comp track from the Nothing Left ‘zine sampler in issue #8, and finally “D3PO,” which was previously only available as a bonus track on the vinyl version of They Love Those Who Make Music .

Their sound takes the sound of bands like the Promise Ring, Get Up Kids, and Cap’n Jazz, but trim the self indulgent bullshit passed off as inventiveness (Cap’n Jazz) and sissy rock element (Promise Ring) and rock with more energy and diversity (Get-Up Kids). No jangly guitars, but instead more rockin’, and they use more than just chords. These guys are great, and I’m glad that I finally checked them out. In summary, the Jazz June are, as their drummer, Justin, says, “all about gettin’ nasty on many different levels.”

Initial Records, P.O. Box 17131, Louisville, KY 40217;

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