The Melody Unit

The Melody Unit

Odds Against Tomorrow


The second release from this Seattle band in too many years finds them as strong as ever. Lush rolling soundscapes, tropical and dense layers, curves and sonic sighs. This music might have been pushed into some alterna-genre such as shoegazing, but it shouldn’t be. These sounds are too sexy for that. I’m not gonna be looking at someone’s shoes if they’re playing music that looks like this. It breathes. The melodies curve around your hips while the drums roll against your spine, the bass laying against your lips. You can taste it. From the almost psychedelic surf of “The Fugue” to the butterfly beautiful shadows floating on the dynamics within the “Spy Song,” the Melody Unit have created a whole out of parts that span decades. Swirling sparkles in my eyes as I’m brushed into dreams by the tension and teasing, the sense of pleasure, that floats between Kevin Kelly’s steady voice and the curl of Jessica Folsom’s harmonies.

101 Records, P. O. Box 81005, Seattle, WA 98108

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