The Melvins

The Melvins

The Bootlicker


It is must be some kind of miracle that the Melvins still have fans at all. The Bootlicker is the second disc in a trilogy of albums by the Melvins. I believe that this is the Melvins’ take on pop; pop it may be, but it is a hopelessly bastardized form of it. For what it is, The Bootlegger is an excellent collection of songs. Some of them drag on, like “Jew Boy Flower Head,” but many of them are short and make their impact quickly. “Let it All Be” seems to be the focal point of the record, with it’s funky yet dark qualities. About halfway through the song (it’s 10 minutes long), some Sakho-esque rhythmic minimalism finds it’s way in before the song rises up to semi-normalcy again. It’s tough to say more, if you liked prior Melvins albums, there is a good chance that you won’t like this. But for people who like their music demented in a sweet and innocent fashion, I’ll duly recommend this. Personally, I’m itching for the final volume.

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