Through the Eyes of Katelyn

Through the Eyes of Katelyn

Your Role Model’s Dead

Take Hold

If I told you that the drummer from a hardcore/metal band was doing a solo project where he played all of the instruments himself, you might be interested in hearing the record. What if I told you that the majority of this record was acoustic indie-rock? Okay, I just lost a lot of “metal” fans, but I still got the indie-rock fans. Now mix the occasional screaming vocals, chunky metal guitar, and drums that can be soft or really heavy, and an occasional sample or keyboard. I think I just lost a few more people, but for those of you who stayed you’re in for a treat. TtEoK isn’t another “experimental side-project” that horribly mixes these elements into an unattractive piece of self-indulgent shit. No, no, no, this is a great record that never sounds contrived or too metal or not metal enough or too indie-rock… I know what you’re thinking, “there’s no way that it could be that good,” because I thought the same thing before I actually sat down and LISTENED to it. TtEoK shows fans of ALL these genres that they can be combined and done so very well.

Take Hold, 225 Oxmoor Circle, Birmingham, AL 35209

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