Tom LoMacchio

Tom LoMacchio

Five Years Later


Using the guitar as a focal point for this album, Tom LoMacchio also brings in the occasional piano magic to accent the melodies, as well as an appearance by a beautiful cello, and just a songful of percussion. It all flows together, though, against the smoothness of the vocals and the wash of the lyrics. Almost folk, but not folksy. More of a mellow hint towards Nick Drake, a shadows breath of ethereal pop songs. Perhaps something like an acoustical and solo version of This Mortal Coil. Maybe. There are hints of that 4AD sound, but more tied to the side of inspiration, rather than influence. Tom’s voice is his own. This isn’t something you can just let play in the background, though it has a calming effect, it’s more like music you would listen to in November. Watching the rain fall, thinking about life… how it moves. Like music.

Linkwork Records, PO Box 186, Oceanside, NY 11572

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