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Twilight Zone: the 40th Anniversary Collection

Various Artists

Silva Screen

Four CDs with all the Twilight Zone music you could possibly dream of! Every episode, it seems, is packed into this monster set. Herein are the works of Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Marius Constant, Nathan Van Cleave, Nathan Scott, Fred Steiner, Leonard Roseman, Jeff Alexander, and Franz Waxman. You get the opening and closing themes from each season the TV show ran (1959 – 1964), and music from assorted episodes like “The Invaders,” and “I Sing The Body Electric.”

Without question, this is an absolute MUST for all and even more of a must for those of us who recognize that television was, at one time, capable of presenting highest-quality and quite literate entertainment. Where is Rod Serling when you need him? I highly recommend this for DJs and others who need good backgrounds or if you do late night shows and want to shake up your listeners.

Silva Screen Records, 43 West 38th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018;

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