Demystifying the Devil

Demystifying the Devil

An Unauthorized Biography on Marilyn Manson

Rock Docs Inc.

No matter your feelings on Marilyn Manson, you have to give Brian Warner (aka Manson) his due as a cunning student of human nature, trends, and marketing. Not as a musician, mind you, but as a parking lot huckster, he does it better than most. With a combination of serial murder chic, sexual confusion and simplistic tribal drum patterns, he has managed to push his 15 minutes of fame right up to the brink. Granted, nobody I know over the age of 12 gives a damn about him, but I don’t think he cares. He’s in it for the bucks. And bucks he’ll probably get. From his days as the wannabe occult “the Spooky Kids” up to his “what sex am I?” gender-bending, he never misses a trend. If next year we see a rash of western movies, then Warner will be wearing a cowboy hat in his next video. Can’t really blame the fella — he knows his limitations, and original thought is one of them. The only problem I have with him is that in glorifying serial killers, he most likely brings pain to people whose lives have been ruined by violent death. They deserve better than to become pop culture fodder so this goof can prance around in tattoos and make a living. But I’m also a firm believer in karma, and when Warner reaches his final resting place, I’m sure John Wayne Gacy will glad to make him his eternal buttboy.

I hope Chris Nicholas, director of this video, feels some sense of karmetic payback by making this movie. A member of the group the Collapsing Lungs, Nicholas endured Warner’s tenure in Florida as a friend and employee, and captured the origins of the little geek on film. I hope he makes some cash off this well-done tape, because nobody should have to be around that fool without making something off it. I’m not going to give any details about the tape — yeah, Manson does some gross stuff, but it’s elementary school hijinks, and I don’t want a bunch of 12 year olds rushing out and buying this because they wanna see somebody “pleasure” a dog. The movie shows a rather balanced view of the early days of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, Mrs. Scrabtree, Jack Off Jill, and other hallmarks of musical talent, and it’s interesting to watch Warner kick damn near everybody out of his band. The feeling you leave with is that he’s a spoiled, childish brat, who takes far too much pleasure in hurting other people. People, I imagine, who wouldn’t be caught dead around him without a paycheck.

Two or 3 years from now, Warner will be doing a VH1 “Where Are They Now” segment, and infomercials for his hair care products. His reign as Mr. Evil (lite) will have passed, and all will be forgotten. I’m waiting for the day…

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