• Dry as a Bone.

    Flash Fictions :: Dry as a Bone. :: Sunday, January 30th, 2000

  • Catch as catch can.

    Flash Fictions :: Catch as catch can. :: Sunday, January 30th, 2000

  • Ink 19 Manifesto

    • Info
    • January 30, 2000

    Carl F Gauze’s Ink 19 Manifesto

  • Number 1: December, 1999

    Archikulture Digest :: Number 1: December, 1999 :: Sunday, January 30th, 2000

  • Ain’t That Life?

    Dark’s Corner :: Ain’t That Life? :: Monday, January 24th, 2000

  • Ramblin’ Guy

    “There’s a school of thought among some artistic types that the creative act itself holds more importance than either the concept explored or the final piece resulting from the act. Serious travel-heads have known this for years, that getting there is half the fun, and often more…”

  • FAQ

    The Frequently Asked Questions section of Nathaniel Bishop’s Wednesday Again. Or was that Ed Soffield? He tried.

  • Great Scott?!

    “So here’s George C. Scott, who refuses the award (he said ‘no thanks’ to his nomination for Best Supporting Actor for the Hustler) out of a disdain for the movie business. Who the hell did he think he was? Marlon Brando, who is probably insane, refused his rightly-awarded Oscar for the Godfather, took the opportunity to use his refusal for political ends, something I can understand -maybe. Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. But Scott simply said ‘shove it up yer ass.'”

  • Dollar Billus Chain Lettericus

    Inconvenience Store :: Dollar Billus Chain Lettericus :: Sunday, January 16th, 2000

  • a long passage

    Dark’s Corner :: a long passage :: Saturday, January 8th, 2000

  • a very important meeting

    Dark’s Corner :: a very important meeting :: Saturday, January 8th, 2000

  • we are not alone: part deux

    Dark’s Corner :: we are not alone: part deux :: Saturday, January 8th, 2000

  • natty bughead

    Dark’s Corner :: natty bughead :: Saturday, January 8th, 2000

  • music to dine by

    Dark’s Corner :: music to dine by :: Saturday, January 8th, 2000

Recently on Ink 19...

  • Moloko Plus
    Moloko Plus

    Moloko Plus is a monthly experimental music event in Orlando, Florida.

  • General Magic
    General Magic

    General Magic invented the smart phone in 2002, but just couldn’t get it to market. That’s just how they rolled.

  • Blue October
    Blue October

    Alternative 90s rockers Blue October rolled into Central Florida for a two-night run at House of Blues, and Michelle Wilson was blown away.

  • Pahokee

    Pahokee produces sugar cane and poverty, but some the brighter students might make it to the big time with a college degree and a new zip code.

  • Sumo Princess
    Sumo Princess

    When An Electric Storm. (Educational Recordings) Review by Bob Pomeroy.

  • Laura Valle
    Laura Valle

    Charismatic. Review by Stacey Zering.

  • Ramen Shop
    Ramen Shop

    A young man searches for the secrets of his family and great Ramen.

  • Southern Avenue
    Southern Avenue

    Keep On (Concord Records). Review by James Mann.

  • Don Felder
    Don Felder

    Don Felder took music fans down Eagles’ memory lane at Disney Epcot’s® Garden Rocks Concert Series, and Michelle Wilson loved every nostalgic moment of it.

  • Alfred Sergel IV
    Alfred Sergel IV

    Alfred Sergel IVtet (The Tam Tam Group). Review by Stacey Zering.