Andrew Kenny

Andrew Kenny

The American Analog Set

This happened while we were on tour in 1997. We were in New York City, staying with a friend before the show that night. We were all groggy from an overnight drive, and in need of showers and naps. I was first in line (of course). After getting truly clean for the first time in weeks, I stepped into the bedroom to change and onto a fresh mound of dog shit. It was dark, this happens to everyone. This in itself is not too stupid. Here’s the stupid part. I hopped into the next room and announced to the hostess, “your dog dropped a few links in your bedroom.” I got an “OK, I’ll handle it,” and I hopped back into the bathroom to clean the pooh from between my toes. Then, after getting truly clean again, I walked back into the bedroom where the shit had been cleared away (or so I thought) and sat down right in the shit. The SAME shit. The SAME shit.

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