Charles Douglas

Charles Douglas

Caroline Records recording artist

1) Traveled to NYC from Dayton, Ohio to play a show at Brownies on a Friday (10 hour drive)…. to find out the show was actually scheduled for the next Friday.

2) Wrote Jason Pettigrew at Alternative Press hate mail for five years and then felt surprise when he sent a copy of my new record back to me, smashed. (Send some e-mail to AP and Jason will verify our feud.)

3) Didn’t wear earplugs at Tad/Mudhoney show in ’92.

4) Got so drunk I ripped up the bill at a fancy restaurant in Providence, RI and got arrested… meaning we couldn’t play our show that night… meaning we received no money… meaning we had nowhere to sleep but our van… meaning everyone in the band hated me…

5) Putting crappy demo tapes in Kim Deal’s mailbox when we were in high school (Kim lived two streets down from me)… and expecting her to go, “Guys, we love your record, we’ll get you signed to Elektra, you can open for us and U2! And then I’ll make out with you!”

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