Jon Croxton

Jon Croxton

singer/guitarist, The Wee Turtles (Athens, GA)

The incident took place in Indiana on a snow covered fourth grade playground. Several classmates and I were spending our recess constructing a massive snowball. Working together, we pushed the ever-enlarging mass around the playground in hopes of making the biggest snowball ever constructed by fourth graders. Our aspirations were crushed (literally) when a careless participant of a neighboring game of “Freeze Tag” ran into me while trying to escape his pursuer. I was knocked down into the path of our beloved snowball, and before I could react, my right arm disappeared beneath the white mass. I yelled to stop progress, but was ignored due to miscommunication in the work force. When the ball was finally rolled off of me, my arm had been broken in three places. Technically, this wasn’t stupidity on my part, but it was embarrassing.

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