Baby Gopal

I used to do gymnastics as a child, but as a teenager, I chose boys over the five day a week training that I had done for years. That was my first idiocy. A few years later, I started having dreams about gymnastics, and I would wake in regret that I had let it slip so easily. I missed the thrill I would get, and for a while, I would tell myself that I would definitely get back into it.

Years passed, I moved to the States, and then from NYC to LA, and decided now was the time to get back into it. I found a chintzy gym nearby, but I figured that since I sucked after so many years, it would suffice. So I had been going regularly for about 3 weeks, and by now knew everyone in the class, but I was chronically late. As a kid, there are so few responsibilities that training every day is no big deal, but as an “adult” (something I haven’t really accepted yet, anyway), it is just so hard to make it on time for something that is important, but yet not urgent.

Anyway, ‘coz it was summer and I live near the beach, I dress pretty casual. I turned up to class with my swim suit on that could double for sports/gym shorts and a little surf skirt that goes with the swim suit. Anyway, I ran into class, and because I was late and missed the warm up, I shouted out “what do you want me to do?!” while at the same time pulling off my surf skirt. Unfortunately, my thumbs also locked into my shorts AND underwear! So just as I got the whole class’s attention, I gave them the full monty! My coach replied, “well, first of all, you can leave your clothes on!” This was probably not the most stupid thing I have ever done, but it’s about the most recent in a life of idiocy.

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