File 13

The title refers to the length of this album, which comes as a double CD. Ambitious for a debut full-length, but not surprising, considering their EP from a while back consisted of three songs yet totaled over twenty minutes. The EP got compared to bands like the Pale Saints and Ride. The musical winds have shifted enough on here to bring crosscurrents of New Order and sometimes the Cure into play. Electronics pervade throughout along with standard drums, bass and guitar. The delivery is seeped in moody atmospheres even when the beat is danceable, bringing to mind a lot of the ’80s new wave music. Add to this the trademark vocals of the ex-singer of Christie Front Drive, a familiar voice that fits well within a much different setting.

There are some obvious influences on Antarctica’s music, but their approach and style make these songs clearly their own.

File 13, P.O. Box 2302, Philadelphia, PA 19103;

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