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Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you: Armored Saint. They’re BAAAAAACK! Never heard of Armored Saint? Back in ’83-’84, they were destined to be one of the driving forces of metal. But lady luck had her way, and this band never achieved the acclaim they really deserved, so they hung it up in like ’88. (Don’t quote me on the dates, I’m guestimating) The lead singer, John Bush, joined Anthrax, and we never heard of Armored Saint again until now.

With lady luck taking a nap, Armored Saint decided to give it another shot with Revelation , and it’s a big bang of an album. With 4 of the 5 original members (Jeff Duncan filling in for the late Dave Prichard), Armored Saint are a tightly controlled wrecking ball. John Bush’s vocal attack is somewhere between intimidating and ferocious, which is best shown on “Pay Dirt” and ” Creepy Feelings.” But, he can still manage a Mike Patton crooning on the Latin-tinged “No Me Digas.”

Dueling guitarists, Jeff Duncan and Phil Sandoval, prove you don’t need a down-tuned seven string guitar to write catchy hooks or blazing solos. Like the old Prego sauce commercial, “It’s in they-a!!!”

I can’t say enough about this band except get it, and realize that you are listening to quality mature musicianship.

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