Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth

Goodbye Cruel World!


What a massive parting gift this is. Goodbye Cruel World! is the last rite of the now sadly departed Brutal Truth, purveyors of tractorfulls of grind. This 2-disc set defines the legacy that BT left behind.

The first disc is concert from Sydney, Australia, and is loud and powerful. And grinding, of course, grinding. In it are covers of S.O.B., the Germs, Black Sabbath, YDI, Agathocles, and the Melvins. The second disc is a bunch of a rare tracks and covers of songs by Nausea, M.D.C., the Boredoms(!), Celtic Frost, and Sun Ra(!!). There are also live shows from Japan and New Zealand. What more do you need? Go out and get this, if you are at all a fan of grind.

Relapse, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA 17751;

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