Catharsis/Drape Excrement

Catharsis/Drape Excrement

Homo Homini Lupus

Black Plagve

Homo Homini Lupus is the second release of the Malignant Records side label Black Plagve. Black Plagve is devoted to releasing some of the finest artists in the death industrial and black ambient fields. The two bands represent the pinnacle of what this most fertile field of dark music has to offer.

Catharsis is the project of French artist Pascal Catharsis. His half of this split CD is rife with hatred, anger, and negativity. Grinding, pounding slave-ship rhythms head through monstrously thick dark smog. Tortured, anguished voices howl in the background while melodies sound the arrival of a murderous tyrant, who makes blood rain onto the charred and blackened battlefields.

Drape Excrement is a side project of the mind behind the power electronic group Soldnergeist. While Soldnergeist attempts to bludgeon the listen with its terrifying sonic blasts, Drape Excrement crawls about in a subtler manner. Of course, Drape Excrement is equally nefarious, and no less pleasing than Soldnergeist or the Catharsis part of the split. Drape Excrement’s 7 tracks are filled with black walls of corroded atmospheres and ghostly wails and moans. “Anger, Remember to My Words,” however, gets downright aggressive with its violent, searing electronics and flanged vocals.

Homo Homini Lupus is an excellent CD by two death-industrial juggernauts, beautifully packaged with artwork by Phil Easter of Stone Glass Steel. Most highly recommended.

Black Plagve, P.O. Box 353, Elkton, MD 21922-0353;

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