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As if the incredible Europa album and follow-up Euro EP remixes were not enough, Sweden’s Covenant return in full force with their most impressive and powerful single to date. “Tour de Force” hits the listener head-on with hypnotizing synthesizer-designed pulses and enough attitude to bring the masses to the dance floor in a state of sheer bliss. Combining their talents as premier songwriters and electro sound designers, Covenant raise the bar towards electro stardom by giving the public a glimpse of their forthcoming full-length, United States of Mind , due out in early 2000.

The “Tour de Force” club version is a well executed dance floor commando that clearly shows the band’s never ending quest for production excellence. The “com-pass” remix performed by Haujobb is interesting, but lacks the punch and overall dimensions found on the club version. “It’s Alright,” the third track, is a mid-tempo experimental song where new musical avenues are being explored.

The CD’s extended dance mix is a demanding ten minutes plus in duration, and seems to drag a bit. However, still an interesting extension of the original concept.

Covenant have presented their most polished and astounding material to date, raising the anticipation levels for the full-length album to an all time high.

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