Living in the 1980’s b/w Sex Machine


Hi-fuckin-larious shit from Cylob. Taking a different tack from previous releases (which featured beats so arhythmic that they seemed ready to fall apart at any moment), the track “Living in the 1980’s” is a pastiche of cheesy 80’s pop that crosses the line between homage and satire. It’s impossible to tell whether the crappy Wham-raps and bubblegum girl vocals are serious or joking, so take it for what it is — 80’s dance music made last year. The other tune, “Sex Machine,” has more of Cylob’s harsh computer noise, but the electro-style computer voice with the sexy lyrics betrays the robotic crustacean’s lack of seriousness. “Living in the 1980’s” expertly takes the piss out of techno.

Rephlex, P.O. Box 2676, London, UK N11 1AZ;

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