Four By Three

While I was listening to this CD, I was trying to get myself to stop thinking “they sound like Limp Bizkit.” But the comparison is obvious. Deroot is a hardcore band out of Lake Mary that has apparently built up quite a following in Central Florida. They brought in a huge crowd at the Hard Rock Live, and they have a group called the “Deroot Dance Squad” that follows them around at their shows. They have a “Family” of fans that support them, as well.

I really did like their sound, though. They manage to keep their songs continuous and melodic while still rocking pretty hard. The fast-paced, almost hip-hop, vocals are interesting and keep the song flowing. The basslines were almost funk, and I thought that was pretty neat. Four By Three is four songs that were meant to showcase Deroot’s style. I liked “Look What You Did,” which I think is the hardest song on there. While their music isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before, they still manage to make it interesting.

I think that Deroot has a lot of potential, and I would love to see them catch on. I’ll be looking for their next release.

Deroot, P.O. Box 582, Lake Mary, FL 32795-0582

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