Early Modulations

Early Modulations

Vintage Volts


Freaky-ass music has been around longer than you think, and it’s actually been freakier than you think. For overall disconcerting value, it’s hard to beat Stravinsky and his expressionist buddies, and kids. Let me tell you, he’s old school. This doesn’t go quite as far back as that, but it makes the same point. The pieces presented here predate any sort of Moog kitsch you might think of when you hear “analog.” These are admittedly electronic compositions, and though the equipment used is called “primitive” these days, it was rocket science at one point, and equal parts engineering ingenuity and musical composition went into its operation. Tape splices, electronically generated tones, invented instruments and found noise jostle each other, and it becomes easy to see that somewhere along the line, a lot of experimental musicians have gone from finding new ways to express sound to the task of figuring out which blitting of bits has yet to be tried. Necessary for any serious fan of intelligent electronic music.

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