Old Man Motel


Old Man Motel , the first English language release from Fernando Viciconte and crew in two years, is as welcome in this time of musical packing peanuts as a cool breeze is on a hot night. How an Argentine-born songwriter can so cleverly capture the essence of American music may remain a mystery, but Viciconte does so handily on this new release. Opening with “Ride”, you think the record will continue to careen along in a CCR meets a garage band sort of groove, until “Same Ol’ King” shimmers with George Harrison slide guitar and Badfingerish pop. “Jesus” thunders in like Animals -era Pink Floyd, and the rest of the record is no less diverse, but always true and smart. This is one of the strongest releases of the year — an album whose intent it is to entertain without begging, to convince without shouting. Old Man Motel succeeds on both counts.

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