Fireball Ministry

Fireball Ministry

Ou est la Rock?

Bong Load

Part deep-as-purple whiskey-doom, part atomic boogie-rock, part post-Soundgarden reconfiguring, Fireball Ministry’s Ou est la Rock? stumbles down the highway, all dazed n’ confused but somehow determined, to the 1970’s (namely early-mid) — in and of itself, not much of a feat these days, what with the whole resurgence of “stoner rock” and what not. Nonetheless husky and drug-driven, Fireball Ministry feebly stabs at Alice in Chains-esque harmonies that, even if as well-executed, would soundly smack of derivation considering the latter’s high profile. And it’s all too ironic that Ou est la Rock? reverberates with the same banality Fireball Ministry’s forefathers sought to transcend in their respective heyday: in a word, soporific!

Bong Load Custom Records, P.O. Box 39557, Hollywood, CA 90039

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