John B

John B


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Tek Step, jazzy funk, drum n’ bass, and jungle fans have another winner from the young English chemist John B. His first album, Visions , was a whopping double pack filled with remarkable, jazzy drum n’ bass songs that used actual jazz musicians and had dark, in-your-chest floor fillers. Catalyst is another double pack that has a jazz and a Tek step disk. The jazz disk is an excellently produced work of creative talent. Each song is something new, and at times, a bit comical. The Tek Step disk is something that I would call “bad ass.” Rolling drum arrangements and those Optical-style bass lines with musical talent give what most Tek Step artists lack. By the time you get halfway through the disk, you will think you are wearing a leather jacket with skulls on the back and riding a big, beefy Harley Davidson through the dessert. I’m talking straight up dark rollers that keep your head banging and you fists in the air. If you don’t own the first, go ahead and buy both. If you already own the first (someone who is obviously on the ball), you wont be disappointed.

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