Le Tigre

Le Tigre

Le Tigre

Mr. Lady

It would be a stretch to call Kathleen Hannah’s tenure as Riot Grrrl princess with Bikini Kill a time of musical invention. Bikini Kill relied on angst, guts, and passion to drive their music. Since the band’s demise, Hannah has shown herself to be far more than just a screamer with politically charged lyrics. With her sublime Julie Ruin project, she created a dense, haunting album with cheap keyboards and primitive sampling techniques. With her new band, Le Tigre, she re-visits her childhood with a collection of tough new wave songs. Kathleen Hannah’s link to Joan Jett has never been more obvious than on this record. Also apparent is an infatuation with the tech-heavy sounds of bands like Missing Persons and the hook-laden songs of the Go-Go’s. Le Tigre is just a part of a larger trend toward re-discovering 80’s music, and realizing that the 1960’s were not the only decade to produce good music, nor the only time worthy of inspiration.

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