Leslie West

Leslie West

As Phat as it Gets

Mystic Music

Life seems to have stopped in place for Leslie West. Granted, he’s lost a few pounds, and got a better haircut, but when the former leader of Mountain picks up a guitar, it’s still the early 70’s, and every song needs a cowbell. West might be one of the better blues-rock guitarists around, and if you liked “Mississippi Queen” — and still play it — then you’ll probably like this album. It’s to his credit that he sticks to what he does best, which is uptempo boogie and stinging blues runs. Other than a cover of “Tequila,” West doesn’t attempt to get cute or add hip-hop beats, and he’s wisely surrounded himself with some pretty able talent. Kim Simmonds from Savoy Brown, Joe Lynn Turner, and drumming legend Bernard Perdie are all aboard, and the record sounds great. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but surprising, agile, and rockin’ for a man most had left back on a hill somewhere. Now where is that damn cowbell?


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