Milovan Sredenovic

Milovan Sredenovic

Songs Form West of the Pelvic Girdle

Freedom From

Remember that time you first heard the Shaggs, or heard Linda McCartney sing? Remember that bizarre, otherworldly feeling that you had, like something this bizarre could hardly some from human hands or mouths? West of the Pelvic Girdle must be either on Mars, or from deep within the Earth, because this is the most alien thing I have ever heard.

With a little bit of background information, I can make a bit of sense of this. Milovan Sredenovic is Dave Walklett of current pornoise band Smell and Quim, who have been known to fart in their microphones and make disgusting sonics. This is as bizarre as Smell and Quim is perverted. Imagine a constipated Tom Waits, and you have an idea of the vocal style. Imagine having a folk band find their instruments have been replaced by a 6-month-old’s toy chest, and you have an idea of the accompaniment.

Trying to describe this any further is futile. Go and experience the insanity for yourself.

Freedom From, 1230 Washington #1, Minneapolis, MN 55413;

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