Pedal Faster Bicycle Rider

Pedal Faster Bicycle Rider

Various Artists

Holiday Matinee/Accident Prone

For a good primer on some good quality underground indie rock bands, check this out. This was released by Accident Prone but channeled by Holiday Matinee, a publicity company that works with all of these artists. This comp was their vision as another means of exposing some of their artists to a wider audience. Other than Pedro The Lion’s live version of “Criticism As Inspiration” these are all released tracks, but odds are most people don’t have all the records on here. This is a good, inexpensive way to find out whether or not you think you should. Even looking at it as a compilation of songs rather than a sampler it holds up well enough. Nice surprises for me included tracks from Egon, Sterling Silver, and Rodriguez. The Tugboat Annie track had me digging their CDs out again. What a great band. Other bands include the Shyness Clinic, the Wicked Farleys, Piebald, Tristeza, Sunday’s Best, Pedro The Lion, Very Secretary, Jejune, Fiver, Sharks Keep Moving, Boilermaker, and readings from author Adam Voith. More compilations like this to come as their client roster revolves and I’m looking forward to them!

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