Field Studies


Every dog has its spot, the magical place on their body where a scratch will win their undying affection and loyalty, at least until someone opens a bag of chips in the other room. Quasi seems to hit my spot every time, enthralling me with the combination of overdriven keyboard, thick melodies and sharp lyrics of fine Damascus steel.

“All The Same” — and other songs on here — seem to deal with an unhappy fling with the music industry. “The Skeleton” features classic rink riffing on the organ behind the conspiratorial harmonies of Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss. I’ve called “A Fable With No Moral,” which sheds light on why Satan can’t seem to keep good bands signed, the Quasi version of “Freebird” as it has that epic length and feel.

Field Studies is perfect from start to finish, and that makes three such records for Quasi. Intelligent music for the melodically inclined.

Up Records, P.O. Box 21328, Seattle, WA 98111-3328; http://www.uprecords.com

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