The Camaros

The Camaros



Sexy, sassy, and swingy rockabilly with lots of horns, Dangergirl is a near-flawless “live in the studio” EP that showcases the Camaros’ hard won musical chops and the incredible voice and sharp songwriting of frontwoman Jen Jones. Moods range from the raucous fire of “Drive” and “Whatever” to the mellow, cocktail swingabilly of “When I’m in Love” and “Am I the Girl,” but the one that’ll get stuck in your head is the title track, the lost theme from one hell of a spy movie (hey, someone’s making a movie of the comic book Danger Girl … let’s hope they slip this disc to the producers!). In fact, the only thing wrong with this disc is that at just under 20 minutes, it’s entirely too short! C’mon, I’m beggin’ for more over here!

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