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The Misfits

Famous Monsters (Roadrunner). Review by Nathan T. Birk

The Misfits

Famous Monsters


Oh, my blessed Misfits — what ever happened to you guys? Well, namely, one word: Danzig. Yes, the Misfits without Danzig just aren’t the Misfits but, rather, are a bunch of old men in bad Halloween makeup. Before we even debate the validity (or lack thereof) of the band’s ill-fated reunion, let’s just say that Famous Monsters could have been worse. Nowhere near as embarrassing as their previous post-Danzig album, Famous Monsters shows that the Misfits can worthily contend with the punk-pabulum they inspired. So, with their once-wonderfully schlocky, uber -anthemic horror-punk sound still intact, the Misfits dimwittingly kick into irony-overdrive (“Fiend Club”?!? – c’mon!), the only saving grace (?) being Michale Graves’s improved vocals: no more Danzig-worship here, only sighingly resigned acceptance that he’ll never be the figurehead the Evil Short One once was (and, thankfully, still is). Final conclusion: a carnival of the baneful.

Roadrunner Records, 536 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10012;

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