Rock the Foe Hammer

Solid State

Whenever Today is the Day’s Steve Austin steps into the producer’s chair, it seems everything he touches turns to gold — or, more appropriately, rust; in other words, Today is the Day . Austin did wonders for Converge on last year’s When Forever Comes Crashing , igniting a fire under their asses and, in turn, steering them in a similar calculus-core direction. So, it’s with bitter irony that he sat in said chair for Warlord’s Rock the Foe Hammer , but ironic in two pronounced ways. First, Warlord scathingly flails in every direction possible, but the end result is merely another Today is the Day, Jr.; art as uniquely scarred as the latter’s shouldn’t be abused. Second, Warlord is an adamantly Christian band, and there are few non-black metal records these days more Satanic than Today is the Day’s most recent In the Eyes of God ; I bet the recording sessions were more than a clash of wits. Thus, we can thank God for irony.

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