The Dismemberment Plan

The Dismemberment Plan

with Alkaline Trio, Florida Arson Project, and Mississippi

DIY Records, Orlando, FL • February 6, 2000

I missed Mississippi. From what I understand they had a cello and the singer wore black gloves. Odd what people remember. They are from Orlando, so odds are I’ll happen across them some other time.

Florida Arson Project are a relatively new band with just five shows currently under their belts, but from show number one it’s been all about energy and rock. Sounds? Let’s just say that rocks that are thrown at peculiar angles still hurt like fuck when they hit you, okay? A five piece with shared explorations in percussion, guitar, bass, violin, and vocals, all stretched across a D.C.-ish post-hardcore frame and delivered with total energy, passion, and some artsy ideas. They’ve got the ensemble “click” down — tight as hell yet comfortable enough with one another to allow room for improvisation within their structures. Impressive from the outset, I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop from here.

The Dismemberment Plan were amazing, far exceeding my expectations, and my expectations were quite high. Indie rock with some keyboards and a cameo from a trombone. Irrepressible energy and all the moves, but not in a rock posturing way — it seems like they have a blast playing music and it clearly translates through their dancing and playfulness on stage. They played mostly stuff from their latest album Emergency & I on DeSoto, which was fine by me, as well as a few very new songs. Great all the way through. I haven’t been able to listen to their record since, though. What was my favorite record now just doesn’t seem as intense in comparison to their live comparison. I’m giving it some space.

I must admit I wasn’t the most attentive person while the Alkaline Trio were playing. I was completely satiated by the Plan. My lack of appetite resulted in everything sounding bland for the rest of the night. I just couldn’t taste much. I have seen the Alkaline Trio before, though, and I remember thinking they were very good. This night they reminded of a good mixture of gruff-ish pop punk mixed with some of those fluid poppy melodies that seem to be sweeping the country nowadays. They had a packed, avid crowd, but I just couldn’t force myself to be interested. Not tonight. Not after that.

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