Arling and Cameron

Arling and Cameron

Music for Imaginary Films

Emperor Norton

I heard Arling and Cameron’s first album, All In , described as Teletubby Disco Music. It’s a pretty accurate assessment of an album that is surprisingly mature despite the frenetic beats and catchy riffs, and I could easily see the kids going nuts over it. On their second foray, Arling and Cameron present a much more suave and grownup side, something for the adults. You could almost call it loungey. The title of the album, Music for Imaginary Films , is an apt description — it’s easy to imagine certain tracks as dramatic accompaniments to some visual cliché, one most likely dating back to the Seventies. For example, the opening “Le Flic et La Fille” screams Big City Car Chase, down to the chikka-chikka guitar. There’s the tale of “Hashi” the drug-sniffing canine, which would seem took place sometime between Benji and Airport 77 . The first single, “1999 Spaceclub,” is a song of the future — the 1970s’ future. There are plenty of other tracks, and other clichés, but overall, it’s the perfect platter to toss into the record player at your next polyester party.

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