Atlanta’s Punk-n-Pie

Atlanta’s Punk-n-Pie

Various Artists

The 513 Club

Punk-n-pie, get it, pumpkin pie? OK, so it’s a goofy title (it makes a bit more sense with the cover art featuring the pie itself), but so what. This CD by Atlanta’s 513 Club (no, they’re not live tracks, with one exception) features 29 of the bands that make up the Atlanta scene, and it’s quite solid throughout.

Roughly the first half of the CD is taken up by hardcore bands with a melodic streak. There are a couple stretches where it’s hard to tell that each track is by a different band, but this is somewhat attributable to the narrow confines of the genre itself. The second half of the CD has more variety, including some rockabilly, country punk, pop punk, skunk, surf, and warped pop. Highlights for me include Pezunk’s “Social Skills,” Last Chucks’ “North Avenue,” the Squares’ “Teenage Surf Madness,” the Dirts’ “Crackhead Girlfriend,” and Pain’s “Putz and Julie.” I only use a couple deletes (both basically suffering from too much testosterone), and for almost 30 local bands, that’s pretty amazing.

So buy the thing, but hit random play, it makes it more fun to listen to!

The 513 Club, 404-223-5132,

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