Diving Into Darkness

Nuclear Blast

Darkseed are a great band from somewhere in Europe. I just don’t like this style of music, because it gets somewhat boring and monotonous. It’s ironic, because Darkseed remind me of Cathedral, but I can listen to Cathedral until the cows come home. It’s just this gothic overtone of Darkseed grates on me. I guess it’s either hit or miss, salt or pepper, black or white. Sometimes, I like this type of music, if it’s really doomy, like old My Dying Bride, but Diving Into Darkness is just dark and dreary. If this is what Darkseed were striving for when they first started out in the garage, they have succeeded. Tons of background keyboards for that atmospheric feeling. (ugh!).

Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA 19106; http://www.nuclearblast-usa.com

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