Doctor Manette

Doctor Manette

The Same Thing Over & Over

Jump Up!

Doctor Manette is about as mediocre as a ska-punk band can get. There’s nothing really repulsing about their music or the album, with the exception of sub-par, untrained vocals, but there’s really nothing too engaging, either. The bulk of the music is punk wavering between hardcore or pop, yet their songs are invariably upbeat, silly, and do occasionally break into a ska riff. Embarrassingly formulaic, there are very few hooks or catchy moments wading within the distortion, scratchy guitars and simple horn lines, and some of the vocal patterns are strikingly unoriginal. Doctor Manette isn’t a horrible listen, but with nothing too fresh or exciting to present, they’re nothing more than a flash in the pan.

Jump Up! Records, P.O. Box 13189, Chicago, IL 60613;

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